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Omg look it’s two female characters with a purpose and emotions and BONUS they also mirror the lead two boys perfectly… I know what we should do. Let’s kill ‘em.

It’s important to note one thing about Jo and Ellen’s deaths.
Season five was intended by Kripke and all parties as the FINAL SEASON.
He was killing off everyone around Sam and Dean because the show was coming to an end.


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Stucky for the au idea of getting into a cab only to find someone else inside pls pls pls


Steve’s only excuse was that he was drunk. 

And he usually didn’t drink! His friends called him a teetotaler but really it was because alcohol didn’t have much effect on him, so it would be a waste. Besides, it tasted bad. 

But that night, Thor had brought back a case of mead from whatever Scandinavian country he was the prince of and everyone had gotten wasted and Steve had gotten just a little tipsy. Okay, drunk. 

But he wasn’t drunk enough to make horrible life decisions, hence the cab. 

They’d driven about a block from Thor’s house, the taxi driver had put on NPR quietly in the background and they were stalled at a light when someone yanked the door open and climbed inside. 

Steve blamed his slowed reflexes because he just sat there, blinking dumbly as the cab driver turned around with an exclamation and the guy started talking and-

"Hi," the guy said to Steve, "I’m Bucky. Can you act like you know me? And kiss me. Preferably." 

"Um." Steve said. 

"Do you know him?" The cab driver demanded, "Are you going to the same location?" 

"I met this guy and he came on pretty hard and I had to tell him I had a boyfriend to escape but he followed me outside," Bucky said, gesturing with his thumb behind him. Steve could see a guy, tall, scruffy. He looked like he had spotted them and was walking towards the cab menacingly. "Please?" 

It didn’t help that Bucky was … really very attractive. Steve’s gaze dropped to his slick, red lips. “Sure,” he said, meaning yeah, he’d pretend to know Bucky, but Bucky obviously took it differently because he pressed forward and kissed Steve with vigor. 

The light changed and the cab started moving again. 

"Can I confess something?" Bucky said, propping his chin in his hand and looking at Steve with bed hair falling over his eyes. 

"Hm?" Steve said, feeling delightfully languid with the covers tangled around them and Bucky’s warmth pressed against his side. 

"That guy at the bar might’ve not been hitting on me, and might’ve been a bouncer who might’ve been mad at me because I insulted his ugly octopus/skull tattoo.” 

"So you mean-" 

"I definitely needed that cab, but the kiss was a little more optional." Bucky smiled winning and Steve pushed a pillow into his face, laughing. 


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China is the second piece of content included in the season pass. It’s a downloadable title that reimagines Assassin’s Creed on 2.5D a plane. It’s set in 16th century China and follows Shao Jun, who’s the last remaining assassin of the Chinese Brotherhood. Shao Jun learned her combat and stealth skills from Ezio Auditore and will be going back home on a quest for revenge.


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