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Picture that sums up the character: Miranda Lotto

Miranda, like Allen, is easy because there’s a scene in which she tells us who she is. Actually, this is true of a lot of DGM’s characters. They tend to drop their personalities on the reader like an anvil falling out of the sky. 

As with Allen, I chose the second picture because it illustrates the cost of what she says in the first. In the first, she’s trying to save a broken doll, but she can’t, not really. Fixing broken things is something she’s tried over and over, and she just can’t get it right. It’s a bit of horrible foreshadowing about her Innocence, because while on the surface, she’s got almost game-breaking power, it’s temporary. She can’t heal. She can only put off the inevitable. The “dolls” she mends on the battlefield fall apart as soon as she deactivates her Innocence, and the second picture shows the terrible price she pays. She has to release an entire ship full of people she tried to save and couldn’t. Even when it was just toys, the importance to her of fixing things is clear on her face. When it’s people, she’s devastated, and yet every time there’s a battle, Miranda’s there, knowing perfectly well what’s going to happen when it’s over. She knows she will fail, but she does it anyway because it’s all she can do.



just bc someone has low self esteem or has depression doesnt mean theyre not fucking disgusting and manipulative and i keep having to learn this lesson over and over

If someone uses their mental illnesses as an excuse to hurt you without apologizing you get the fuck out of there. My abuser would use it as an excuse and make me feel guilty for my hurt feelings because it wasn’t his fault he was cruel to me.

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Ok so I’ve been quiet about this for some time now, and I thought I should break that silence and make this public. (Hey other people are posting art PSA’s, this ain’t new)

We are Artists, We are many

Being a artist on Tumblr alone isnt easy. There are millions of other people  doing the exact same thing you’re doing. Amongst all of them you can be overlooked so easily. Now I am familiar with all those PSAs about not worrying about being popular and loving your own art. Thats all well and good, no ones debating that. But we artist want to share our art with the world. We want to show everyone what we can do.

The Wall

When we receive praise and love for our work, thats the best feeling in the world for us. We all have friends, fellow artists or not, that support us. But here on Tumblr, your art might not get pushed out into the crowd. For myself as an example, I get a 1 reblog for every 10 likes on something. And this is only including when I originally post it. When art post is liked, no one else sees it. Likes stay hidden and don’t appear on others dashes. (And yes, some blog themes do show likes, this I am aware)

Likes are good, but Reblogs do a lot more

When someone reblogs your art, a whole new set of people get to see it. Most of them are people who have never seen your stuff before. For example, whenever Carbines Official WIldstar Tumblr reblogs my Wildstar art, I get bombarded with likes, reblogs even follows! But before that, when I post it in the first place, not much happens. Dont get me wrong, I’m grateful I get anything, but feedback and notoriety is what keeps an artist like me going, and many others as well. Now I may understand that sometimes something someone draws isn’t your cup of tea, that’s alright! But even if you show a little interest, a reblog does a world of difference.

Support your friends, Support those who care

I know this is all sounding a little preachy, but it’s something I needed to get off my chest. There are no complaints, there are no orders, just a call out from all us artists. From the big and professional, to the small and unseen. We all want to share our art with the world, and it can all begin with a reblog.

( I dont think I need to say that everyone should reblog this, it goes without saying no?)

reblogging for  awareness

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